Online Travel Guide To Barbados

The Anglican Church

Phone: 246-426-2762
Fax: 246-426-0871

Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies

Phone: 246-420-7721

African Methodist Episcopal Church

Phone: 246-427-1046

The Methodist Church

Phone: 246-436-6859
Fax: 246-427-1319

Bridgetown Diocese of Roman Catholic Church

Phone: 246-426-3510
Fax: 246-429-6198

Salvation Army

Phone: 246-426-2467
Fax: 246-426-9369

Eastern Caribbean Conference of Seventh Day Adventists

Phone: 246-429-7234
Fax: 246-429-8055

Church of the Nazarene

Phone: 246-425-1067
Fax: 246-435-6486

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Phone: 246-429-1385
Fax: 246-435-6486

Sons of God Apostolic Spiritual Baptist Church

Phone: 246-428-8738

Baptist Churches of Barbados

Phone: 246-426-2697

Ethiopian Orthodox Church

Phone: 246-424-4380

The Moravian Church

Phone: 246-426-2337
Fax: 246-228-4381

Jehovah's Witness

Phone: 246-437-8710

Wesleyan Holiness Church

Phone: 246-429-3692
Fax: 246-429-3692

Calvary Evangelical Church

Phone: 246-228-0510

United Holy Church of America

Phone: 246-427-3768
Fax: 246-424-1531

Barbados Muslim Association

Phone: 246-428-4212
Fax: 246-420-2230

National Spiritual Assembly of Bahais

Phone: 246-429-9424

New Testament Church of God

Phone: 246-426-1359
Fax: 246-228-4381

Worldwide Church of God

Phone: 246-418-0760
Fax: 246-418-0732

Truth for the Final Generation Church

Phone: 246-421-7297

Apostolic Church

Phone: 246-436-7121
Fax: 246-421-7790

Berean Bible Church

Phone: 246-426-4707
Fax: 246-426-0815

General Assembly of Church of God

Phone: 246-426-5327

Love Gospel Assembly

Phone: 246-423-7936
Fax: 246-423-7936

Ebenezer Revival Centre

Phone: 246-424-3043

Restoration Ministries

Phone: 246-436-8398
Fax: 246-436-8398

People's Cathedral

Phone: 246-429-2145
Fax: 246-429-4707

Revival Time Assembly

Phone: 246-424-3043

United Pentecostal Council of the Assemblies of God

Phone: 246-425-6825
Fax: 246-425-6825

The Abundant Life Assembly

Phone: 246-427-9166
Fax: 246-437-8331

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