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Holetown Festival

Despite its small size, Holetown, located on the west coast, deserves a little recognition, while travelers can find both beaches and small restaurants here, the Holetown Festival truly highlights the best Holetown has to offer, separating it with its history from other coastal cities.

When the English settlers first came to Barbados in 1627, they landed and settled in Holetown. The Holetown festival celebrates the anniversary of this settlement in a weeklong event in mid-February. The Holetown festival has both a street fair, free to anyone and everyone, and individual events, which cost some extra money.

The Holetown festival features parades with marching bands, costumed-people on stilts known as moko jumbies, antique cars, and dancers. Folk singers and dancers play a major role throughout the festival, and local craft vendors sell their wares. For some island history, Holetown Festival hosts historical lectures and exhibitions. Amidst the frivolity, do not forget to try some of the famous Baja cuisine, while you listen to the island jams of the Tuk Band.

Holetown might be a small city, but when it comes to the Holetown festival, it offers big fun.

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