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Barbados Crop Over

The largest celebration in Barbados, Crop Over attracts visitors from around the island as well as around the world. As its name suggests, Crop Over traditionally celebrated the end of the sugar cane harvest, but today, with the sugar cane industry non-existent in Barbados, Crop Over acts as the Barbadian equivalent of Carnival in Brazil. It mixes culture, heritage, food, and drink to create an explosive, unforgettable party, a party that quite commonly lasts each day until dawn.

Although Crop Over events can start as early as May, the heart of the celebration begins in July, usually continuing until the first week of August. The major celebration centers around Bridgetown, but travelers can find smaller celebrations throughout the island.

During Crop Over, locals walk the streets in elaborate costumes and body paint. Calypsonians, musicians that sing Afro-Caribbean music, sing in "tents" ,a series of venues for performers, to compete for prizes and titles, the most coveted being Calypso Monarch. Comedians, actors, and acrobats make their own appearances on the stage in between calypsonians. At the Bridgetown Market, near the Spring Garden, vendors have crafts of all kinds, and locals set up art exhibition to show off local artist. Food stalls sell savory local cuisine such as flying fish and cou cou, and drink stalls offers everything from a full bar to local brews. Crop Over has back to back events and the food and drink to keep the party going.

The entire festival begins to culminate on Cohobblopot but truly climaxes on Grand Kadooment Day, a Barbadian national holiday. For Cohobblopot, everyone gathers into the National Stadium, where Barbadians showcase cultural events from moko jumbies to soca singers. Grand Kadooment Day ends the festival with a bang. A giant parade that anyone can join streams toward Spring Garden, where the party inevitably continues. Although everyone will without a doubt suffer from "festival fever," everyone retains the good spirit of the festival.

For laughs, drinks, or simply a good time, make sure you stop by the Crop Over festival. It will truly make your visit memorable.

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