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Bridgetown Barbados

Located on the southwest coast of Barbados, Bridgetown acts as not only the capital of Barbados but also its largest city. Bridgetown truly highlights Barbados' mix of Western roots and island life. With duty-free shopping, boat trips, and historical sites, Bridgetown offers a little something for everyone.

Shopaholics will drool over the tax-free shopping in Downtown Bridgetown. Broad Street, the main street that runs through Bridgetown, hosts an abundance of restaurants and shops, and if you like jewelry, you'll love all the jewelry stores that populate Broad Street. Just keep in mind that most of the stores close around 5 p.m. during the week and around 2 p.m. on Saturday. Most stores do not even open on Sundays, so rise and shine, shoppers!

For water sports or just a nice walk, check out The Careenage. While cruise lines dock in the Barbados Deep Water Harbor, The Careenage houses smaller boats and takes care of the local commerce within the island. The Careenage provides the perfect place to take a walk and grab a bite, but more adventurous travelers can also go here to book a boat tour, a snorkeling trip, or scuba expedition. While Barbados in general has excellent reefs surrounding the island, the Bridgetown coast in particular accommodates various ship wrecks that now house various sea life, making it the perfect diving experience.

For those looking for some island history, Bridgetown flaunts a few historical stops. Although Barbados now makes most of its money through tourism, the economy of Barbados used to thrive on the sugar and rum industry. While sugar plantations simply do not exist within the city limits, a few rum factories still run tours inside of Bridgetown. For a more political look at Barbados history, the Barbados Parliament building houses two small museums, The Barbados National Heroes Gallery and the Barbados Museum of Parliament.

Across from the Parliament building, you can get some fresh air at National Heroes Square, formerly known as Trafalgar Square. A statue of Lord Nelson dominates the square, and National Heroes Square, located in the center of Bridgetown, can be a nice place to take a breather if nothing else.

So, for the best of the sea and the city, make Bridgetown a stop on your Barbados vacation.

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