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Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Located in the parish of St. Peter in the north, the Barbados Wildlife Reserve provides a happy medium between animals and visitors: tourist can observe animals, but all the animals do not have to stay in cages. For the safety of visitors, the Wildlife Reserve does keep some animals in cages such as snakes, but the large majority of animal life roams free. The Barbados Wildlife Reserve includes hundreds of examples of Caribbean wildlife, from armadillos to caiman, a type of alligator. The green monkeys can actually come and go as they please, but they normally return to the Reserve around feeding times.

The Barbados Wildlife Reserve also boasts an aviary, complete with peacocks, flamingos, and brown pelicans, and for a more academic look, the Barbados Wildlife Reserve does have a museum for further exploration. The Barbados Wildlife Reserve has fun and adventure for everyone, particularly families looking for a day to explore the wild without going too wild.

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